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Karlhockey Forte: Praetorian. Image of Karlhockey Forte in his Praetorian armor.

Karlhockey Forte is currently a Praetorian in the Ordo Imperialis. Recruited by several Ordo members after strife in the Alliance Navy, he joined Astra as a pilot. After a few months with computer issues, he switched to Navis, eventually moving up to the rank of Decurion.

After the Praetorian selection, she moved from Navis to the Praetorian Guard as a Cadet. After training he has gained the status of a full Guardsmen, he remained a adjuct to Navis until leaving to assist as a Cohors Commander in Terra as a acting Centurion. Currently, he resides in Astra, serving as a Astra Apostle. *SecondLife Profile: Karlhockey Forte

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