Keira Skytower 2142

Keira Skytower in 2142

Keira Skytower is a rather famous alt for her exploits within the SL military over a very small period of time, she was crucial in the revelation of Tsume Xaio as a heretic within the Ordo Imperialis and a variety of other small operations externally of the Ordo. After finishing her work within 2142 and finding her next assignment, the AN, to have no relevant information or need for infiltration, she was recalled to Ordo for a brief period, assigned to mostly internal affairs such as observing Diablos Korobase when he thought no one was around. She was allowed to skip Schola, and was given every unlock including the pre-release version of the Ordo Navis FW900K-1/M203 Battle Rifle as a prize for submitting the design for the Navis formal uniforms.

Originally created as the twin sister of Kiera Skytower, Keira quickly outgrew her twin and took up a military career when she heard the Frumentarii calling. After resigning the Ordo, Keira became a founding member of Kiith Soban, a small organization dedicated to internal security and monitoring the SL military community for 'hotspots'.

Keira is the sister of Kitten Jenkins, Kara Taggart, Pawz Pawpad and Lucian Dewoitine, and currently collared by Dow Sadofsky.

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