Keller Teichmann is an avid builder, and a member of the Ordo Imperialis.

Kell 001


Keller started out on the grid mainly interested in using it as a place to socialize and eventually put some of his education to use. Starting out with nowhere to really go and no idea what on earth he was doing, it took him sometime to get settled into the grid, hopping from club to club and sandbox to sandbox. Occasionally, he would DJ, but most of his focus was on his avatar, sculpting it and obsessively improving it. His own worst critic, he eventually lost interest in Second Life after some business relations went sour, and took time off.


Ordo Imperialis

Keller enlisted in the Ordo Imperialis on December 2nd, 2008, at the behest of an old friend who wanted to bring him back into Second Life after losing interest in the grid. Despite expecting to lose interest again, he found the military community to be far more interesting then he expected, and was soon steadily moving up through the ranks. Once he was eligible, he was recruited into the Invictus Alpha Squad alongside some of his other friends, where he would remain for the majority of his career. Only five and a half months into his career he reached the rank of Warrant Officer, and assumed command of the squad, leading it for nearly two years while handling various other duties within the Ordo Imperialis.

Early in May, 2010, Keller was one of several selected for the Praetorian Guard, and continued to command Invictus in his new position until late in the summer. At that time he passed command onto Eriksson Foxtrot, and stepped into an overseer role commanding all three of the Ordo's Alpha units.


Keller builds a wide variety of items, having made his own avatar, and is a heavy user of sculptie prims. A 'new media' student in real life, he was already fairly knowledgeable about modelling before working with SL sculpties, and is an advocate for static mesh support. He currently builds weaponry and apparel for Titan Industries Incorporated as well as for the Ordo Imperialis. In addition to sculpting and building, he has some knowledge of scripting, animation, and texturing.

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