Keno Pontoppidan is the current Legates (Commander) of the Fleet Divison (Navis) of the Ordo Imperialis (formerly the Novus Ordo Imperialis, the Venuma Coalition, and the Alliance Navy II), one of only three people that have earned the Imperator's Star, he has been a member since the time of the Alliance Navy II and is the founder of Titan Industries Incorporated.

Originally he spent the first few months of his SL life dwelling and building in Sandbox Island until he stumbled upon a military group known as Epsilon, after this group disbanded he had a taste for combat and joined a young Merczateers, though he grew weary of this and left to pursue building. Around May 2006 he was recruited by Fladara Einarmige into the Alliance Navy II to build there armor and in return recieve control of the engineering division. It was here he found his best friend Aryte Vesperia stuck with him through the Alliance Navy II,Venuma Coalition,Novus Ordo Imperialis and finally Ordo Imperialis untill autumn 2008 there was a small dispute with members within the Ordo causing around half a dozen member to leave including Keno to form the short lived group Erebus Initiative, after this he became inactive from SL for a few months untill returning to the Ordo to retake his former role as Navis Legates.

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