Kitonia is a micronation with a Dictatorial Republic type government that is ran by president Austin Rowe and a cabinet of ministers appointed by President Austin Rowe thats job is to advise the president on current happenings foreign and domestic, help citizens and visitors when needed, and make decisions for the president if he is not available at the moment or is out for a long period of time also the ministers will be paid once Kitonia gets up and running and is making enough money to pay the ministers. Every citizen will receive housing at only L$225 a week that comes with a 576 sqm plot of land, a beach front house, and 50 prims and you can always buy more prims if you need it.. Also businesses will be given a shop to conduct business out of and each shop also comes with an apartment on the top floor and each shop currently costs L$600 a week which includes the apartment rent to and you get 150 prim for the shop/apartment. If you have any questions/comments or would like to become a Kitonian citizen then please IM President Austin Rowe on Second Life his username is austin11r. You can also check out our Wiki at and please feel free to look around our Wiki and even post somethings to make the Wiki look better but please do not edit or delete things that are already on the Wiki. Thank you and we hope to see you in our lovely nation of Kitonia.

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