Kitten Jenkins, an ex-2142 Officer and 2142 Support Division Leader, as well as the ex-2142 Armoured Brig., had been serving for 2142 since November of 2007. She was the ex-2142 Medic Commander. Now that the Medic Division has been shut down. She used to spend a lot of time training recruits and doing paperwork.

She has rejoined 2142 on January 9, 2011.

She has officially retired from the SL Military Community on January 30, 2012.

She is also a model for Whitfield Studio.

She now spends her time hanging out with friends and is making an attempt to sculpt. As well as continue to make animations.

Kitten Jenkins' 2142 Career:

Joined: November 18, 2007 23:34:05&nbsp Rank: O-7 Field Commissar Silver Division: Armoured Brigadier OF-4 Sub Division/Squad: Support (Leader) Regained Officer Title: 2/8/09 Medals: Bronze Star Medal, Silver Star Medal, Gold Star Medal, Medal of Gallantry, Good Conduct Medal, Infantry Combat Medal, Meritorious Infantry Combat Medal, Infantry Combat of Merit Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Medal Base Medallion, Medal Armor Service, Medal Combat of Merit, Purple Heart

Special Event Rewards:

Ribbon - Core Demolishor Titan Medallion - For MC Core Destruction Meritorious Titan Medal - Operation [Collective Dismissal]

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