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Kitty O'toole is a female Second Life avatar. She writes a popular blog,, and is employed as a freelance reporter for 'The Avastar'. She's also an aspiring model. Kitty lives on the Jasper Islands sim, part of Anshe Cheung's Dreamland enterprise.

Kitty first appeared in game in December 2006. She was a regular at The Three Lions pub on the Bourton Islands sim, and when that closed she became a patron of 'The Crown and Pearl' bar. Kitty has her own office at Angel Square where she can be approached regarding freelance writing work.

Kitty is well known and liked across the grid, reknowned as having a saucy sense of humour and an amiable disposition. She's made no bones about the fact that she is ambitious, and it's believed that she studied Journalism in RL. ( To be confirmed)

Kitty is patnered to Jez Watanabe, who also happens to be her RL partner.

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