Created in late 2003 by Higbee Protagonist, this sim went through a vast array of changes before being sold to FairChang Enterprises in early 2007.

In its original form, Kumori was to be used as a learning center for SL newbies and a home for the Registry Map created and maintained by the SL Parks and Recreation Service. After losing its sister-sim, Amaterasu, in early 2005, Higbee decided to take the sim in a new direction.

Removing itself from the continent of Oceana, Higbee and his fellow officers in the SLPRS began converting it to an environmental adventure sim with the financial backing of an outside company. Opening its doors for only one week in mid 2006 in order to entice residents and receive feedback on the work already done, funding for the research and development fell through in early 2007 only 3 months before going live.

Below you can view a slideshow of Kumori only one month before its demise.

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