Remnants of Earth RP, 22APR14

Lanny Ansar is a former member of the Ordo Imperialis, Terra Division, and currently assigned as a member of the Alpha Squad "Insidiae". He was formerly a Pilot for the OI's Astra Division, and at one time one of the first few members of the recently-formed "Letalis" combat transport division.

Lanny started his SL career in 2008, after hearing many positive things about it from a somewhat-distant friend who had played World of Warcraft with him over the years (2005-2008). He then decided to give it a try, falling into the empty void of CCS Combat-Roleplay soon afterwards. He had continued to work his way through CCS after meeting his First-and-only SL best friend Alayna Kolache during late 2008, and had begun to adapt to the concept of Gunfighting over CCS, which he practiced and practiced until late 2009 / early 2010 alongside his best friend, soon being capable of taking her on in a one-on-one fight and being able to compete. (Lanny being Level 13 at the time, whilst Alayna coasting at around Level 46.) This caught the attention of a Werewolf avatar named Nathaniel Zanzibar, who had been relatively new to the CCS scene, and always wanted to figure out how to improve his game with the system, whether it was buying new weapons, or figuring out how hotkeys worked. Whilst casually surfing through IM's, Lanny came across a Profile Pick in Nathaniel's Profile concerning the Ordo Imperialis, and asked him about it. Soon after, he'd decided to TP in and pick up their Handbook and Ruleset. That is where it all began.

Lanny was officially Enlisted into the OI on May 26, 2010, where he held the rank of E-7 until the group's disbanding from Second Life in 2013. Upon being asked about Officer roles, he has specifically declined the offer and has informed others of his refusal, stating "I would rather not end up as another Desk Jockey in some Military group. My place is on the Field, with a rifle in my hand, not a Desk and a Pen." He currently spends his time in-between sims, either Roleplaying as a displaced former soldier of the Ordo or within the Combat Continent, fighting and having fun amongst the bits of other SLMC groups that show up when he's around.

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