Latino Fride is the current Field Marshal of H-23. Fride has been in several armys,looking for one that he feels settled in. He was in Grid Army for a while and went from cadet to enlist. The GA Field Marshal Pauleh Kamachi kicked Fride out of grid army, because he had an Alpha Marines tag on. Furious, Fride decided to make his own army with his fellow enlist Thorik Dagostino. The group was originally called XXXRip Enforcers XXX, a terrorist group who randomly attack roups of people. Fride and Thorik then decided that they had to move on to something bigger,and Thorik suggested an army. Latino wasn't sure about forming an army, but he finally agreed. Thorik and Latino were tight for money at that stage, and they needed 100ls. Most people will laugh at this, but Thorik asked his "friend" for the 100ls, he finally gave in and gave it too him. They named it H-23 Army. THorik and Latino were both Generals, but Thorik thought that the General rank shouldn't be given out often. Thorik made Fride Field Marshal. To start off, H-23 attacked Grid Army for a while. "It was a good few fights that we had with Grid Army. I don't think of it as a serious war, i think of it like training" Quotes Fride. Pauleh Kamachi then banned Thorik from district 13 (Latino didn't say why)so h-23 couldn't really attack without the General being there. H-23's Most recent attack was on Vanguard, in John Stark. They where helped by the Alpha Marines. Latino quotes "We're not really a big army, because we've had to sort out some financial problems" H-23 have had land of numerous occasions, but have all turned out wrong." WE had Land on several occasions, but things happen" (Thorik and Latino didn't say why or what sim they had)

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