The Le Jong Expedition

The "Le Jong Expedition" is a generic name for a series of settlements on the Beta Grid by the Roman Empire, to sport a home for the man whom claimed to be the Emperor Darckk Trilam. The only proof for this was his intimate knowledge of Roman Affairs and his IP Ban - in addition to sketchy Skype confirmations. The chief colonists of the Le Jong Settlements were Water Halberd, Cory Brando, Cloud Koba, Corey Vollmar, Junkfooddog Zwiers, Livi Beebe (then girlfriend of Emperor Trilam), Lucifer666 Beck, and Jessica Oliva.

"Le Jong" takes its name as a pun from the historic Chinese city of the same name, which is rumored amongst the Scientific Community as being the final home to the Last Legion. "Le Jong", in Chinese, is the name of the Roman Empire - a cognate of Legion. Both words Anglificed. Those who spent their time on the Beta Grid often remarked to the Emperor's IP ban as "Banishment", and thus the name was fitting.

The Legend of Le Jong

As the legend goes, after the defeat of General Crassus at Parthia, a few hundred Roman soldiers were captured and taken to holding cells in Turkmenistan. Later they were captured by Huns, and were carried back to China. Legend has it, the Chinese military noticed a group of soldiers marching in "Fish Scale Formation", fighting for their lives. Impressed, the Chinese military recruited the soldiers into the first European Chinese Military Division. Or so the legend goes. Le Jong is believed to be their base of operations.

Uses of the Le Jong Expedition

Colonists were able to establish permanent settlements on the BG, due to the fact that Lindens neglected an auto-return on large portions of the grid. A city was built below a massive colony ship, equip with hangers, transport craft, multipurpose theatrical rooms, advanced security, and entertainment. Though the ship was only used when the man claiming to be Emperor wasn't present. At the time, the Beta Grid appeared to lag, timewise - for nights would last ten times as long there as they appeared to do on the Teen Grid. In fact, I (the Writer) can only remember seeing daylight on the Beta Grid twice. And I visited at least ten times a week for three weeks or so.

Product of the Le Jong Expedition

It is believed that the current Roman Industries Boltus, a variant of the RI Boltus Beta V.2, is based off of a design originally conceived in the Expeditionary Forge-City of Le Jong.

Le Jong Now

No settlers have returned to the city of Le Jong since Graevus Thorne was sworn into the office of Emperor in December.

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