Legion has been a resident of Second Life since late December, 2005, but there are very few who know of the previous accounts he has used. Upon first entering Second Life, he was introduced to the club scene where he worked as a full-time DJ in several clubs throughout the grid. When 2007 came around, Legion discovered the Teen Grid, where he created his first account and immediately jumped into the military community after exploring the list of locations on the Popular Places list.

One of the first militaries Legion was introduced to was the Valkyrie Alliance. While he did serve along side other militaries such as Talon, New Rome, and later on, the Merczateers, he spent most of his time within the Valkyrie Alliance. His first year of service within VA was rather shakey - his accounts being suspended for idiotic actions he would commit, or even being banned. As a result, Legion would have to continuously reapply to the Valkyrie Alliance to regain entry, having to start from scratch a majority of the time.

The next three years went rather well for Legion, especially after he had created an alternate account on the Main Grid and began to serve in the Merczateers at the same time he was serving under the Valkyrie Alliance. Legions' time in the Merczateers gave him the knowledge he needed; to put aside his annoying habits, and the proper way to respond to others in a military setting. After gaining this knowledge, Legion began to rocket through the ranks in VA, eventually reaching the rank of Field Commander from his constant service to the group - until the group fell after LEO Damone was forced out of the picture. Shortly afterwards, another Valkyrie Officer attempted to rebuild the group, and placed Legion as second-in-command before he abandoned the group about a month into its birth, claiming that it wasn't carrying on the original traits of the first Valkyrie Alliance, but continuing to occasionally give advice to the group on throughout the next four months before it met its own death.

Following the death of the Valkyrie Alliance, Legion became an outcast and retired from all militaries for a short time, and beginning to pick up his annoying traits, commonly referred to as "trolling", once more before transferring himself entirely onto the Main Grid to serve within the Merczateers as a part-time "grunt", although he only continued to serve under them for a few more months before resigning for the final time to be enlisted as the second-in-command of Elysium Korps, a small group that lasted just slightly over a month, but made a large impact on the grid in its short lifespan.

Current Status

Having witnessed the death of both the Valkyrie Alliance, and Elysium Korps, then the downfall of the military community in Second Life, Legion has officially resigned from Second Life.

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