Xenobuilder was a very decent builder from the teen grid military. His original  teacher was Heilex Heaven (edit name), probably the best builder in the Teen Grid. He was friends with Patrick Paz, and build stuff with him. He also helped Nero and Eric Caroll. Although he built for many armies he mainly worked for his own army Horatius R.M. together with his partheners Moneyman Ibor and Darklord Zeplin. 

Originally leonardo0leandro0 began building Roman style armor. Soon he changed to  match Network style and finally Nero's style of building became his most used style in building structures and armor after he worked with Nero in Nero's final army before it was all taken away by Dollarman.

During his time serving Horatius R.M. leonardo0leandro was banned countless times and therefore he has over 12 different accounts. Banning and hacking was a common strategy used to get rid of leaders of small armies. Specially by ASR and Cattalyst Ops. However Leonardo0leandro0 would always return.

Leonardo0leandro0 was also a member of Invictus, Embara, Aurora, and many others.


Invictus and EOA

Secondlife-postcard (7)

Leonardo0leandro0 and his main builds

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