Les was the owner of Mooz (a popular racetrack region in Secondlife 2006-2009). He is also known for founding the MotoSL/ SL Motorcycle Racing Association (SL-MRA) (a motorcycle racing group).

Les White joined SL in 2004 and is known as a pivotal founder of many early racing events. He also headed the 'RaceSL' group which featured F1 style races held on the Mooz Racetrack. Notable members of the RaceSL Group (later renamed 'Race' due to SL naming copyright restrictions) included Francis Chung, Crippy Oh and Raver Bellow. Les White also built and sold motorcycles for racing and civilian use. 'Mooz' was one of the most popular racetracks of its time, having several different style backdrops and track layouts throughout its existance. Many popular car builders of the time used this space when races were not being hosted to test and tweak products. In addition to being a haven for car enthusiasts, it was home to many legendary racers of the time (and many others who are still racing today, as of 2012).

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