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Lillie Yifu has been described as a slebrity for her unapologetic and unabashed "blog on sex by a top escort,", 2nd Sex. In addition to being a blogger and writer, she's also a builder and avatar designer. Her column for SL Looking Glass, the Second Sex, offers advice on how to get the most out of sex, that just happens to be happening in Second Life.

Activities in Second Life

She is a contributing editor for SLNN. Author of poems and short stories, she's also known for her one liners, such as "The only difference between content and crack is... I'd never whore myself for crack." As a writer and speaker she has been at numerous panels, including Blogher '07. She often blogs on identity and meaning in Second Life, as we discover it through sexuality. Her blog brought her to the attention of Hamlet Au who ran a short profile in New World Notes. But her diverse topics have been given links from Virtually Blind and Second Life Insider.

Her sculpture garden at Yedo Basilica features two sculptures based on mathematical series: Flight and "phi", Tesla based on sine waves, one based on circles entitled Longitude, and the Kinetic Pagoda. She also built the Chang Qiao bridge.

She is the creator of wikiHUD, a utility for reading wiki entries inworld.


Lillie's short stories include Night of Blood and Flowers, about losing virginity. Numerous poems, including "A Lady of Peace on the War" and "Thistles and the Thorns."

On other topics she writes on identity, with essays such as "The Automobile Avatar," and on the direction of Second Life.


"There is no such thing, as free sex. You pay in time, money, or selection."

"The person you come to SL to meet... is yourself."

"The only way I eat bananas is cut up into small pieces."

"Lesbianism is Second Life's fastest growing religion. Infidelity is Second Life's national pass time."

"All right thinking avatars hate ball sprawl."

"Cajun Chicken: Why did the chicken cross the aisle? To get to the telecom contributions."

"Intel Eye Rapes Me." - On the ugliness of their build.

"DP with heels, SL's favorite kinky sex act." on attachments.

"The Swedish Chef Works for LL: Bork! Bork! Bork! Bork!"

"Second Life is a Village. The Village has an idiot. The idiot's name is Prokofy Neva."

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