Opera-Mar2006 018

External View 1 from Lanercost

The Lisbon Opera House was a project comissioned to a Portuguese non-profit association, ARCI, which uses Second Life as a platform for educational uses (e-Learning) and for cultural projects.

Opera-Mar2006 019

External View 2

This was a proposal for the evocation of a space with noble characteristics that existed in Lisbon for only six months — The Royal Opera House — which stood on its site only from April 1755 to November of the same year, being utterly destroyed on the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. Second Life enabled to "rebuild" something that doesn't exist any more.

Opera-Mar2006 024

External View 3

So, in a way, this is the fantastic proposal of a real building become mythical — an assembly of real age elements that could have co-existed in an unique space in 18th-century Lisbon.

Opera-Mar2006 014

Internal view of the amphitheatre inside

PDF with presentation and images (11 MB)

The Lisbon Opera House was originally set up in Io, but currently this building is visible at ARCI's land in Lanercost.

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