The following is a list of Teen Second Life military groups. Military groups in this article are defined as groups which partake in armed combat with one another, using scripted weapons, generally using damage bullets, both in the form of small arms and vehicles. Many of these groups are self-reported, have no independent verification, and should be taken as uncorroborated hearsay.

NOTE: This page features several categories that can be assigned to any specific group - "Active" being standard to all groups currently operating inworld, "Hibernation" relating to groups that aren't dead but still retain some presence, "Disbanded" meaning that the group is defunct and no longer exists, and "Annexed" being the label placed alongside a group that has merged with another faction, willingly or by some forceful means.


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Name Status Year Founder (s) Current Leader(s

Base location

Horatius R.M.     (RM) 

Disbanded 2009 Leonardo0leandro, Moneyman Ibor, Darklord Zeplin Leonardo0leandro Xenobuilder, Moneyman Ibor, Darklord Zeplin Rowling
Catalyst Operations (C|O) Disbanded August 2009 Jack Westwick Blangis Kroll Aethyr
New Rome (Rome, NR) Restoring May 2006 Darckk Trilam Dreadspyke Resident N/A
Army of the Sith Republic (ASR) Active August 2007 Shawn Hutchinson Raymund Gothly Overture
Black Talon (BT, TLN) Disbanded 2006 Martial Logan Vae Audion, Blue Backbite Aedes
Spartan Empire (Sparta) Annexed March 2007 Copper Shriner Copper Shriner Brighton
Netharian Union (Neth) Disbanded 2009 Krypton Alchemei Varthaer Fallen, Aelus Askari Warwick, Scarborough
Black Fire Army (BFA) Disbanded 2006 Jin Amos Jin Amos Tremelo
Valkyrie Alliance (VA) Disbanded 2007 LEO Damone LEO Damone, Vattic Gray Mizithra
Wolven Warriors [WW] Disbanded 2008 Fenris Frostbite Fenris Frostbite Tremelo
Armizeal.Alliance (AA) Disbanded 2009 Copper Shriner Copper Shriner Camden
Bloodline (BL) Disbanded 2007 Josh Quine Mason Haefeli Alloy
Ne'tra Disbanded 2008 Mason Haefeli Mason Haefeli Swansea
Sentry of Ashes (ASH) Disbanded 2008 Bear Etzel Bear Etzel Scarborough
Clear Sky (CS) Disbanded 2009 Konstantine Amat Ulysseys Abrahams Shasta
British Military (BM) Disbanded 2007 t3hh4x Orr t3hh4x Orr Martin
Striatus Corporation (TSC) Disbanded 2009 t3hh4x Orr, Lozz Gustavson t3hh4x Orr, Lozz Gustavson Opera
Eleventh Sentry (11th) Disbanded 2008 Nort Skinstad Purple Luminos Svecia
Duskfall Disbanded 2008 VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw Tolkien
Duskshatter Disbanded July 2009 Unknown Unknown Tolkien
Minerva Corporation Disbanded 2010 Martyr Dethly, VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw Martyr Dethly Lancashire
Helreich Annexed 2010 Baron Komarov, Octavian Guardian (Merged with .Network) Alloy, Lodestone
Angelus Mortalis (Angelus) Disbanded Unknown Octavian Guardian Octavian Guardian Reggiano
Sparatutto Disbanded Unknown Slipknotdone Kling Slipknotdone Kling Lodestone
Righteous Iron Fist (RIF) Disbanded 2007 Constanzo Barbossa Fenix Hudson
Angsdorf Militia (AM) Disbanded Unknown Unknown Unknown Shasta
Vanguard Disbanded Unknown Grey Eber Unknown Carroll
Grid Defense Initiative (GDI) Disbanded January 2010 Kiernan Karsin Kiernan Karsin, Kiernan Guardian Opera
Pandorium Alliance (PA) Restoring 2010 elonejd Emor Patrick Paz, Jasonn Lecker Abnormality Fallen Patrick Paz, Eljah Landfall Sim comming soon.
Creatore Disbanded 2010 Ace Fearsum, OJ Ohmai Ace Fearsum, OJ Ohmai Bull
Krieger Corporation Disbanded Unknown Unknown Unknown Swansea
Figurative Biosystems Hibernation 2010 Orange Stickfigure Hawk Zirgar, Hexagon Torii Unknown
Orion Disbanded Unknown Xanthos Exonar Xanthos Exonar Harkunn
United Federation of Sims Disbanded Unknown

Picard Zhu, Bill Skosh

Picard Zhu, Tdub Dowler Cascade
Empire of Anoth (EOA) Disbanded 2009 Ace Dayafter Ace Dayafter Derby
Teen Resistance Movement (TRM) Disbanded Uknown Unknown Unknown Reggiano
Blitzreich (BZ, Blitz) Disbanded 2009 Reed Zerbino Xanthos Exonar Lancashire
Haven Active 2010 Darkhaven Woyseck

Darkhaven Woyseck

Chaos Disbanded 2006 Darkhaven Woyseck Darkhaven Woyseck Lodestone
.:Duty Federation Disbanded 2010 Ulysseys Abrahams, Artyom Kalinakov Ulysseys Abrahams Appalachia
Quantum (Q) Annexed 2010 Dave Mantis, Baal Beaumont Merged with Nairiax Lodestone
Nairiax Annexed 2010 Falkon Zeritonga, Corroded Zeplin Carroll
Valos Disbanded 2010 Shadow Rae Shadow Rae Mizithra
Parthia Disbanded 2008 Dartanian Ferarris Dartanian Ferarris Carroll
New Parthia Disbanded 2008 Dartanian Ferarris Ulysseys Abrahams, Dartanian Ferarris Huntingdon
Ganzheitlich Empier (Ganz) Disbanded 2009 Francois Czarta Joker Jaggernov Svecia
Terran Empire (TA) Disbanded 2008 Picard Zhu Picard Zhu Zaius
Rendine.Order (Rendine) Disbanded 2010 Dread Voir Dread Voir, Razor Foresight Kenafa
Strelok Militsiya (Strelok) Disbanded 2009 Unknown Niklas Hurikan, Bizen Dakun Carroll
Veronix ("V") Disbanded 2010 Adeipho Pyrithea, Vualk Xurina Vualk Xurina, Adeipho Pyrithea Boscombe
Nuclear Vigilance Disbanded 2011 Co StarSmith Co StarSmith Pop
Asterix Annexed 2010 Purple Tempest Varthaer Fallen, Aelus Askari



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