This is a list of artists who have been confirmed by Amalthea Blanc to be participating in the Third Birthday Event.

In alphabetical order...:

Tayzia Abattoir

Androclese Antonelli

Dancoyote Antonelli

Valadeza Anubis

DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Horus Baker

Lefty Belvedere

Viola Bentham

Vlad Bjornson

Random Calliope

Fallingwater Cellador

Izzy Cole

Cashmere Commons

Shady Cork

Stella Costello

Joy Darrow

Happy Dimsum - barren trees

Hadiya Draper

Shoshana Epsilon

Eddie Escher

Keith Extraordinaire

Phyzz Fizz

Zuffy Frua

Baron Grayson

Ronu Gregoire

RacerX Gullwing

Mundy Harbinger

Katya Koolhaas

Tremali Lightworker

Torley Linden

Radagast Malaprop

SignpostMarv Martin

Grace McDunnough

Kristauf McDunnough

Infiniview Merit

Smoke Mission

Alazarin Mondrian

moo Money

Satu Moreau

Moopf Murray

Enjah Mysterio

Tateru Nino

Ianlee Patton

Shawk Pertwee - Dali elephants and barren trees

Mera Pixel

Kara Robertson

Duke Scarborough

Dominique Severine

AngryBeth Shortbread

Bella Sillanpaa

Esch Snoats

Faminu Sojourner

Mackena Soothsayer

Aces Spade

SamBivalent Spork

Starax Statosky

Sasun Steinbeck

Sue Stonebender

Seifert Surface

Tao Takashi

Osprey Thereian

Haddock Trenchmouth

Troy Vogel

falldeaf Weeks

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