Livi Beebe was a self proclaimed "alt designer". Designing clothing that pertained to the more alternative style. Her main consumer base were young teenage "scene" kids.

She first started out designing with her Secondlife Partner: Ben Clancy. The store's name was Defeated, and contained well made (for the time period) skate boards, aerosol spray cans, graphic tees for both girls and guys. The store started roughly in the summer of 2006. Ben left the game for quite some time ,but left everything to Livi.

She then branched out, rebuilt and rebranded the store from there naming it Def. Her items included photo sourced teeshirts and denim, jewlery and accessories.

As time went on, her talent grew, and she began to create things by hand. She delved into the creation of hair. Livi finally decided it was time to reach out to the rest of the teen grid. She rented land on one of Emperor Spitellers islands, and soon after became friends with Calliste Takakura.

Also, that bitch is CHOOOOONK.

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