Surprise. by Logan Redrose

Logan Redrose

Breif Summary

Logan Redrose was the self proclaimed alternative account of Tycho Wasp. He shared notable traits and characterists of being a smooth talking, suave, charming, clinical, tactical and many others that Tycho Wasp and Leon Bao share but no link has yet been established.

Short Stay

Logan Redrose was on the grid for roughly a month, during his breif stay he sculpted for various groups and continued the Saga of Leon Bao. Logan still turned up to watch Battles and Raids but his has notably been seen to; 'Let the battle take its own course' and avoid fighting. He also had a mustache.


different to Tycho he dropped the Eyepatch, Bluehair and Mask and instead had a fawx hawk and a Mustache but kept the same skin.


Logan Redrose resigned from Catalyst shortly after 're-enlisting' (As he is assumed to be still in Catalyst if he is Tycho Wasp) as he found a many of his commrades dishonest towards him and many accusations of him Copy Botting were cast towards him. He claims to have used a Private Grid (A-like OS grid) and then import using Emerald Life. However with these accusations he retired from using the Private Grid and instead built on the Grid in full view of everyone in retalliations to these claims.

He notably built a 'Pink suit of Kevlar' for MA at bull for money. The suit of Kevlar most known for being pink and gray with High Heels combat boots.

"People said we were the Gays army of the Grid, thats changed now..." -Martyr Dethly in responce to MA's pink armour.


Logan Redrose terminated his own account saying to everyone he knew before he left "I'M JUST GOING OUT FOR A SMOKE ON THE PORCH."

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