Lord Maesar

In The Year 2009 Lord Maesar Was Born Yet he was noobish but he made a great leader and a great friend the first army he made was called The New Sith Order Which Was Destroyed By His Friend Salizar Nightfire. Who Made His Own Sith Army To Run Lord Maesar Off The Grid. While Not Working On His Armies Lord Maesar Could Be Seen Hanging Out With His Two Best Friends, The First One Was Phineas Lionheart And The Second One Was Steel Northman. Some Could Call Them A Team And Some Could Call The Three Of Them Trolls. Lord Maesar Made His Grand Army He Named It Army Of The Grand Republic He Bought Land In Shasta Where They Make Their Home. The Army Had Ammassed A Huge Army. Then Lord Maesar Got Banned. Almost A Year Has Gone By Since He Got Banned But Lord Maesar Has Returned Under The Name Of Revenge Xevion. Revenge XEvion Had REclaimed His Ownership Roles For All His AGR Groups And Is Re-building His Army

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