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Rezzed on July 4th 2006, Lucas Gerard was an established content creator in Second Life. Among other things his background includes web development, 2d / 3d design, animation and programming. Lucas and Nimil split up in november of 2011, and he is no longer a member of Second Life.

[ LuNi ]

[ LuNi ] is no longer a store in second life. He does maintain a small collection of items on marketplace, however some of them are using Nimil Blackflag's items without permission, and so will not be linked here.

Lucas is the founder and co-owner of LuNi which he established with his partner and better half Nimil Blackflag in 2007. Through the years the store has been known for it's unique builds and darkly themed products. in 2011, Lucas' computer broke down, cutting him off from second life completely, so Nimil kept [ LuNi ] going for as long as their relationship continued.


Lucas has dropped off the face of the planet.

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