Lucian Mooncrest (Or Dewoitine, as he is known in Second Life), a dark purple haired, black furred panther-dragon, is his second fursona. His scars on his form are all scars that were inflicted upon him by his sister. The gash that runs from his left eye to midcheek was caused by his sister clawing him, which left him partially blind. The scars on his shoulders and chest are from many battles with others (though he decided to dye his fur red in these areas, for reasons unknown). The last scar that he has is in his chest, where he was run through with a saber, by Renae, but she missed by only a few milimeters. Since this RP, he has been significantly developed and adapted into a new furson, abandoning Rezalrain almost completely. Lucian was also deeply based in unique military tactics, being a hybrid of the union between a black panther and a dragon.

[edit] Real Life

While much is unknown about Rez in real life, as he is rather reclusive, only being seen by a few furries at the NoVA Fur meets, as well as Sir Kain's "KainCon" and "New Years Eve Bash", he is known to be an Ex-Army Medic after being wounded in a tour of duty. He has an avid fascination with flight, and is pursuing this dream. It is suggested that he chose half-dragon fursons due to his fascination with flight.

[edit] Gaming

Lucian can be found in many games online, while he chooses whom he plays with, he is commonly seen in Second Life with his close friend Kara Taggart, or patrolling the skies above Verklund in Vanguard. His Second Life character is a custom character created by Wingless Emoto, with assistance by Renissy Slade.

[edit] SL Military Career

Lucian has bounced from military to military, his first tour being in 2142, where he served up to Sergeant Silver, but chose to resign as he lost interest. He currently has been recruited into Vanguard and is a A-2 (Luft.Pilot) with the Armada, as well as a Basic Training Instructor.

Merits: Honorable Defense Division Merit Basic Training Merit

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