Founded, owned and run by Owen Lusch, Lusch Motors focus on high end modern day cars. Since 2007 Lusch has also released a line of offroad vehicles and utility/ transportation vehicles.&nbsp All the cars are built, textured and scripted by Owen Lusch.

Owen started building vehicles alongside newly established vehicle creator Will Szymborska during mid 2007. After having success with two full size sedans being sold then at the Szym Motors store in Zebulon, Lusch built more vehicles and soon moved into a new showroom. In 2008 Lusch Motors released many new products and started working entirly with sculptie modeling by 2009. Lusch has participated in many motoring events including the Cross Grid Rally (CGR) in 2007, 2008 and 2011.

Starting in 2012, Lusch released several mesh models. A majority of Lusch products are directed towards the urban roleplay market. There uses include police work, civlian transportation and full size luxury cars. At current (2012), Lusch Motors holds a consider share of the emergency roleplay vehicle market and caters mostly to German and American emergency roleplay enthusiests. Since 2009, Lusch Motors has been a partner of the NTBI Conglomerate.

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