MH Motors is a branch of one of the most successful automobile companies on the SL grid. It was recently combined with the companies EM Cars and N4S in the largest merger in SL automotive history. The three companies now are operated under the brand name of EMH and operate Motor City. The last car produced by MH with the MH logo on it was the MH JP00 Series, a car which resembles the real life Aston Martin DB9/DBS. The car was featured in the old MH showroom before its release. A special inVOGUE Magazine version of the car was produced which featured a special paint job and a bodykit with a larger spoiler than the original model.


The owner of the branch of MH branch of EMH Motors is Frageurs Hock, who is also a successful realitor on the SL grid. He started out as security at Xanadu International Space Station and eventually used the money he earned to buy land. He used a system of buying and selling land and eventually developed his real estate business, MH Group which became a huge success, transacting several million sq. meters of land. Frageurs Hock is also an expierenced scripter and has worked on the scripts of most of the EMH/MH vehicle line-up.


MH Motors operates a sim with a top of the line showroom on it. Currently the sim has 2 racetracks connected to it for customers to try out their newly bought cars. The sim's previous showroom was originally built by Yandi Monde, famed SL Architect, but was later torn down and replaced, briefly, by another large showroom which was torn down because of product accessiblity issues and replaced by the current showroom which was designed to provide a posh and stylish enviroment where shoppers could locate products easily and quickly while being near a place where they could test what they purchased.

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