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Second Life Wikia news

A Facebook Group has been created for the Second Life Wikia! Join us to get help, report edit wars, spam bots, or even just to hang out!

Plurk timeline linking has been added! From now on you can add a little box which links to a Resident's Plurk timeline on their article page by adding in just one line: {{Plurker|PlurkUsername}}. Just replace PlurkUsername with the Resident's exact Plurk username (what appears after when visiting their timeline) and save the page! Grin emote

Examples: CodeBastard Redgrave, Nimil Blackflag, Smiley Barry.

Featured article

Official motto: Altitude with Attitude

Unofficial motto: FSFP (Flying, Shooting, Fencing, Partying)

The Royal Caledon Air Force, also known as the RCAF or Connolly's Crazies, is headquartered at the Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance. It is responsible for defending the skies over the Independent State of Caledon, taking over from the now defunct Caledon Air Corps.

This group also facilitate air-ground and air-air chatter within Caledon.

Officially sanctioned by Guvnah Desmond Shang, RCAF was founded October 24th, 2007.

Did you know...

  • Flash can be played in Second Life's inworld browser! It can be played, but not interacted with. To test it, visit
  • There's a web-based viewer for Second Life, that can be used for almost everything. It's called AjaxLife.

Inworld Weekly Event

Meet your fellow wiki members at the inworld weekly event! Contact CodeBastard Redgrave, event organizer, for more info.

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Not yet scheduled.
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25/05/08 9:00AM SLT at Silver redirect arrow Strata (40,30,121)

This month in history...

This Month In History has been terminated indefinitely due to Linden Lab's deletion of the original Second Life blog, thereby preventing anyone from looking into Second Life's history to add events.

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