Maks is one of the many sons born to Aryte Vesperia and Gunau Sodwind.


"The only cards Maks can put on the table are the jokers." [NAME REDACTED]


Per Vendetta's orders, the petite Erusian Sandsbury command was erased. Scattered elements of the Erusian units in the Sandsbury region were located and terminated by Chaos Cell operators. Outstanding Erusian war criminals were boarded onto cargo planes and auctioned on Ebay. Classified footage shows a chain linked Scarlet shuffling for his pathetic life before being mowed down by a stolen Erusian supply truck commandeered by an inebriated former-LAPD Plaz Etzel. Etzel's bravery in combat was recognized and generously rewarded. When interviewed, Etzel responded "Scarlet is fat still" before striking the journalist with his KABAR.

Unfortunately, not much of the abandoned Erusian equipment could be requisitioned. The plentiful access to seized Type-08s was bestowed upon anti-Isra militias to use on Erusian commissars seeking refuge in proximate villages. Such was the case when the North Korean Captain Kanto attempted to flee but was executed by Brazilian foreign fighters controlled by psy-op agent Tazai Arai.

"NKVD is going to go in there, under command of the Kaiser in glory of the Korps, and so help us we will see to it that no traitor remains alive, and that never again anyone even thinks to threaten the supremacy of Seraph, or the state." [NAME REDACTED]

Erusian propaganda maintained Rot Walkuere was an isolated coup but when radio contact was restored, the Kaiser assured all personnel in Sandsbury their mission was sanctioned, thus creating an expansive credibility gap within Erusea. The few Red Army survivors had fled to City 16, many of them in denial and completely unaware of their fate.

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