Malburns Writer (February 23, 2007) is a blogger and metaverse advocate.


Metaworld is a channel operated by Mal which features a plethora of video relating to virtual worlds. The channel is hosted using the streaming service, Livestream

Metaverse Week in Review

In 2007 Malburns Writer along with Tara Yeats started a weekly web-based show named Metaverse Week in Review which talks about the future of virtual worlds and the 3D desktop.

The show originally started on the service Operator11 and later moved on to Livestream. The show typically lasts for about 2 hours and airs live on Sundays at 12PM SLT. The show is later compiled into a podcast on SLPN.


During the course of SL6B Malburns Writer hosted a series called 60 Seconds in which people would talk candidly about what their visions of the future of virtual worlds was.

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