Life Story

Marcis Xevion started out Second Life on [[Category:Marcis Xevion started out Second Life on July 22, 2009. Soon after starting he found a knack for building and ever since has been using his talent to build all kind or structures and gadgets. One of his first occupations was his company iPineapple Store. It was a company were he sold his various, pineapple branded ,computers that could, through scripts ,email and im other people. After he grew tired of that he started a rental company called Xevion Rentals on a small plot in Fi Folland 's sim Epic. He has since stayed on that sim but has changed sizes and shapes to a three times bigger plot! Xevion Rentals to its renters as know as a "family friendly" place to be. They are very into decorating for the holidays of not only christmas but others like Thanksgiving and Halloween! Xevion is know for cheap prices, great service, and a great supporting staff. Marcis is one of those people that he is never 100% satisfied with his work and changes it a lot Xevion has gone through many shapes and sizes and styles but the people still keep coming!]]

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