MechWarrior Enigma

Full Second Life Name: MechWarrior Enigma. "Mech", or "MW" as his old friends call him was a furry, and not too much of a social butterfly. Mech had social complications. Mech takes his name from the the warrior trained and bred from birth to pilot BattleMechs from his favorite 31st century obsession, BattleTech. (The franchise born of BattleTech that most are familiar with is the MechWarrior series on the PC, and the MechAssault series on the XBox.)


MechWarrior Enigma entered Second Life on November 15, 2005. He wandered about for several weeks before being picked up and taken under the wing of Squagmire Stravinsky, the owner and founder of Gnat Technologies. Mech was immediatly enthralled, and took up scripting as a second-life long hobby. Gnat Technologies proved to be a wonderful place for MechWarrior to work on his scripting in an environment where he could aquire help any time he needed it, and where support and a thumbs up for effort were never far away. Mech served as the server manager for Gnat Tech for several months afterwards.

Mech was primarily active in Taco, LV426, and Luskwood.

He served as a Razor pilot for the Alliance Navy briefly, leading Fox squadron.

Whilst in Luskwood, he served as a Luskwood Helper for the span of several years, helping to fend off griefer attacks.

As of 2009, Mech is on hiatus from Second Life.

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