Meins was brought onto the grid on October 02, 2004, as part of a batch of 41 new sims.

Meins was auctioned off as a whole sim at once. The winning bidder donated it to Kex Godel to build something community-oriented in an effort to combat all the malls, clubs, and casinos which they felt were blighting the grid at the time.

History has shown that Kex has proven to be quite a slacker, so it came as no surprise when nothing much became of the region other than an unofficial sandbox, until March 2005 when she passed it on to the Gigas group. Gigas then built a very nicely themed residential community there with local infrastructure and rules limiting the 'blight' effect from afflicting the region.

The Gigas project left Meins at the end of April 2005 and moved to its own Estate Sim.



The sim in its early condition

Meins Gigas

The Gigas project

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