Met A Stranger

A Second Life story by Mygdala March and Alexander Burgess


What if you could be a character in your favorite comic? What if you could take your favorite role playing game and turn it into a lasting adventure?

Met A Stranger is the story of Mygdala March, a woman with a mysterious history, a strange problem, a loud mouth and the most bizarre super-power yet. Myg lives in Mainline, Philadelphia in the Topgol sim (188, 119, 55), with Alexander and friends. Season One found Myg suffering from blackouts and petty theft compulsions and culminated in a horrific bloody showdown between Myg's psychotherapist Millenia Moody, Myg's friend Vanny, and Vanny's mistress Lisa.

Met A Stranger began as an interactive blog serial. Most of the characters are real folks who play their own parts, or at a minimum, contribute story line ideas and then pose for the screen shots. The series began on the M is for Myg blog at As more readers began to comment on story lines, they were invited to participate. Some have actually written their own posts. Season 1 ran for 32 episodes over about 6 weeks.

Season Two is scheduled to begin appearing in blog posts on in July and will pick up the story where Season One left off.

The series was included as an art exhibit in the Second Life 4th Birthday celebration. The first 7 episodes of Season One have been published as books that can be read inside Second Life.

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