Mich Debs was originally a soldier for a group named Solaris that was destroyed by Black talon, On the Teen grid. After it's innevitable destruction, he decided to join his defeators for his own purposes, But later on enjoyed his stay with the Talons so much that he admitted his original schemes and was cleared to be a talon. Through several points in Talon's history, he expressed his unwillingness to follow any other army. Eventually, Mich became 18 and has since transferred to the Main grid.


Mich debs has an innate understanding of scripting. When asked, he simply replies to it as 'I just opened up the editor and looked'. He is responsible for some major technological achivements for the Black talon and the Teen grid warfare in general. Some of these include the first railgun ever created, a blackhole cannon and similarly complicated weapons. Some of his weapons were immitated (some poorly, some better than others) by competitors. Most competitors emerged from Enemy factions such as Striatus Corp. (previously known as British military) or New rome. At one point, Darckk Trilam (A.K.A. Kharne spyker) - Leader of new rome attempted to 'mindfuck' him to his side, although Mich decided against the idea.

Short Background & Common facts.

Of all well-known avatars in the Teengrid, Mich had several points of brightly colored past of having the strangest background:

o He's jewish yet he gives no shit if anyone tries to piss him of that.

o He has an apprentice known as Leon Bao.

o He always sits on a cube when he builds or scripts something.

o His grandfather wrestled sharks in soviet russia.

o He is liked by Richard Diller.

o He reached the Rank of Acolyte before Talon vanished from secondlife completly.

o His grandfather also wrestled bears in soviet russia.

o He dislikes idiots.

o He is considered an 'ancient' - born in 2005'.

o He plays cardgames in hell.

o His grandfather Also wrestles Hydras in soviet russia.

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