MichaelRyan Allen joined TSL in late 2005. After several months and countless hours learning the various aspects of Second Life

Current Day

MichaelRyan Allen has retired his MichaelRyan Allen account and is now under the name Dugley Reanimator.

The Sim

Michael owned a sim called Dugley (which he later sold to Fi Folland). The sim was known for its instability turning from commercial to private to commercial to an army base. It is currently renamed to Eutopia and is a stable renter sim.

Scripting Career

Long known to be one of the best scripters on TSL, MichaelRyan made his first script that day, a simple door script. After which he met master script Neo Koga (creator of the popular NK Tool), Neo taught Michael the basics of LSL formatting. MichaelRyan Allen latter launched The [Allen Tool] under the company [Allen Inc].

Credited for innovations like the Aim detection algorithm and HUD bases tracking scripts Allen has many well used scripts under his belt.

Second Life Military History

MichaelRyan Allen has been in the following militaries:

New Rome (2IC)

Spartan Empire

Valkyrie Alliance

British Military

Army of Sith Republic (2IC)

New Heaven

New Parthia (2IC)



Privacy Complaints

In late 2008 residents from all of TSL were complaining about the vast network known as Locanate Network. Which allowed Locanate|Alpha users to find any avatar on the grid with a simple command. Allen was quoted "I respect privacy of residents, [Allen Corp] will be releasing opt-out features." and he did.

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