Miles Coacti -

The Miles Coacti is a STABLE and SLSALT following military in Second Life. The Miles Coacti was also previously known, as som of you may know it, as 2064. While being a small military, nothing majorly happened. Until, one day, Miche Cortes, the Imperator of the Miles Coacti, decided to make a new name. Miles Coacti. They grew bigger, and stronger, and bought the sim "Cladis Expectatis". The Current Admirals are: H0rst Hird, Kallabis Heinkel and gi0vanni Munro. The Miles Coacti so far. has three divisions: Infantry, Air, and Infantry with gravity. Weapons get updated weekly, and so does equipment. They are growing stronger, and alliances are being made. For more information on joining the Miles Coacti, IM Miche Cortes, a soldier, or one of the admirals.

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