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First Log In

Milos Twine Never Say How Started A Playing Witch Second Life.He Only Say I See Second Life In Tv

He Sign Up In 7/29/2008

Who Is He

Milos Twine Is Polish Player . He History Is Don't Sweet .Milos History:

-Player Football(FC Angels,Zaglębie lublin etc)

-Player Realistic Army(Asean(Now),.G.R.O.M,He had own 3 Army)

-Best Fan Star Wars

-Fan SZYM,Astaro

What He Created

Milos Twine Helped In Created/Alone Created

-Alone-115 TH Airborn(star wars)

-Witch Friend-Firma:Zakupy(He Helped in buliding a future)

Milos Helped and Helping a Newbie a Using Second Life

First Video From Milos Twine

thumb|300px|right|First Video He First Video Is That ------------------------------------->

Milos Now Creating a Better Video

And Logo For people

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