A military group in Teen Second Life founded and led by Martyr Dethly.
Minerva 001

The flag of Minerva Special Defense Forces



The rank structure for |Minerva Corporation's Special Defense Forces are as follows (Highest to Lowest):

Commissioned Officers:
1. Commander
-General of the Army
2. General
-Lieutenant General
-Major General
-Brigadier General
3. Colonel
-Lt. Colonel
4. Major
5. Captain
6. Lieutenant
-First Lieutenant
-Second Lieutenant
7. Warrant Officer
-Chief Warrant Officer
-Warrant OFficer Jr. Grade

Noncommissioned Officers(Enlisted):
1. Master Sergeant
-Master Sergeant
-First Sergeant
-Technical Sergeant
-Staff Sergeant
2. Technician
-Technician 3d Grade
3. Sergeant
-Technician 4th Grade
4. Corporal
-Technician 5th Grade
5. Private First Class (PFC)
6. Private

Special Defense Training:
1. General
2. Training Executive (T_Exec)
3. Tier 3
4. Tier 2
5. Tier 1
6. To Be Trained ( |Minerva - Training )


Minerva Special Defense Forces are currently located in Lancashire,Bought for them by banned TG member JTWALKER Deerhunter for the price of L$20,000 in a location they refer to as "Fort Skyn". They are also in possession of a number of "spawn" locations nearby other militaries, for usage in attacks. They also own around 10,000 sq.m. of land in Appalachia which they are trying to sell due to teit issues.

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