Sim rating: PG

Minna is a largely commercial sim. There are a number of stores selling furniture and land improvements for your home and garden.

Historical Landmarks

  • Divivity occupies a large portion of the sim, with several different departments to it's store that include: Landscaping, Home Store, and Greenhouse and Gifts. The gifts section contains Divivity's Delectables and Balloon Gallery.
  • All but inside of Divivity's is Second Life Fever, a Funky 70's Disco dance club that isn't huge, but has a nice design and is for friendly dancing and socializing. Minna is PG after all.
  • At the East end of Divivity's is the Blair Pier and Meeting Hall: Interdimensional Imports that offer things for your home including textures, funiture, rugs, and paintings. On their land there is also a meeting hall, and a lovely area built into a tree, with a small park and home at it's base.
  • You will also find the home of Dave Zeeman who is a developer of many things, a mentor, and a member of SL since the early beta. This location has been his home since Beta version 0.3.2, and showcases a few things that he has made. Come check out his 'Matrix Box', and Plinko game.
  • Delta S Gaming resides on an island in the sim, and is a simple yet attractive casino and has a number of interesting and uncommon games to play with and bet on. So, if you are looking for something new for your gambling desires, take a look.

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