Mohrr Crash Site

Mohrr Crash Site, October, 2007

The Mohrr crash site is the single feature of the Mohrr sim. Laying central to the sim is a small island, featuring the smouldering wreckage of a porcine space ship owned by Harry Linden. Also on the island is a tent for tiny avatars (set as free to copy), "Harry's Mud Hole," a pair of beach chairs and beach umbrella, and a pair of travel trunks. One of these trunks sits open, and features a collection of unique freebie items by Harry himself.

These freebies include a pair of 3D glasses, a giant-sized walkable keyboard, a model of the spaceship, a set of HUD-based frames, and an "I :heart: SL" button.


The Mohrr sim, once popular with sailboating, became the home to this crash site sometime prior to April of 2006.

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