Breif Summary

Mystik Exonar is a well known member of the corporation DwiTek. Known to be a very talented scripter, builder, and fighter. However he refuses to sell any of his creations, they are solely for his and his friends personal use. These Items include a collection of melee weapons, which have been labeled the most effective on the grid.

History and Activites

Being in DwiTek, he bears no solid alliances with armies and turns down any serious involvement.

He recently was helping Massacre Scribe, before his unexplained ban and ultimate destruction of all his assets, to create the army by the name of "Children of Loki" an army themed around the Norse god Loki.Mystik finished a helmet and began construction of a massive fortress before said assets were lost and the project abandoned.

He also scripted a gun system for 11ths sentry which with the modification of a few numbers, the scripts could be turned into what appeared to be a completely different weapon.

He started out with the army "Ne'Tra", after that fell apart he went fully into DwiTek and has remained there since.

Spare Time

In what spare time he has to play SL you will usually find Mystik residing in the sim of Loki. Home of the only remaining DwiTek land after DwiTek sold off almost all of its assets.

He is usually building more stuff and scripting it, or practicing with sculpties. His new found knowledge of Maya has given him the ability to make rather high quality sculpts.

However most of his time is spent trolling like a lulligan.

Current Projects

Mystik is currently working on gear for the military "[Traitor Guard]". This military is based off of the WarHammer 40k universe and the troops will be known for wearing gear of the Traitor Guard, who have yet to make an appearance in any of the computer games for WarHammer 40k.

The Traitor Guard are the Imperial Guard what the Chaos Space Marines are to the Space Marines. Basically a Chaos aligned version of them.

The military is still under construction and is in dire need of a more serious amount of land. However once the equipment Mystik is making on his alternate account of Khorne Guardian, they will begin fighting regardless of land.

This group is joining up into a joint operation with another group later on, no more details have been disclosed about this.


Mystik enjoys 3D modeling and so obviously sculpting is one of his strong suits, and now he has learned to make textures with said sculpts as well. Once he learns more about How details a sculpt can be he plans on opening a store in order to earn some serious money.

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