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According to Administrative legislation regarding pieces of NSU territory, all parcels held by the group ought to hold (If possible) seperate management groups (Primarily due to the risk of a security breach, and consequent "Land-Jacking"; regardless of this document, there have been discrepancies that cause such groups to remain contained or disused.

  • EDIT:** Since the "Darkhammer" Simulator was sold, all related groups were wiped and disbanded.

F O R T      H A S K I N S      M A N A G E M E N T

"| Nythos - Fort_Haskins_Management" was the prototype land group created by Seitosus Difference following the faction's move to the Fort Haskins simulator.

T A A V I ' S      E S T A T E

"Taavi's Estate" is the flawed group used by the Nythos Administration to govern both Mujigae and Chilbo; it was originally created by [[Taavi Fosset]]

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