Nampo is located on the southern continent of Jeogeot. It is an example of what can go wrong when one person hogs all the resources.

In 2006 and early 2007 it was a bustling place full of eager First Landers, and was indistinguishable in that respect from its neighbour to the south, Seogwipo . It's most notable feature was probably The First Second Life Church of Elvis.

Unlike Seogwipo, Nampo is rated Moderate (previously called Mature). A sex club opened; although this did not contravene the rules in any way, and the owner kept it up in the sky, it attracted so many visitors that Residents were unable to get to their own homes. Lag was so bad it was almost impossible to move. Effectively a person who owned a fraction of the land was using all the resources.

A group of Residents set up a now-defunct group called the Nampo Liberation Front in the hope of getting LL to address the problem. However, with the opening of the Zindra continent, the club moved. Unfortunately by then most landowners in the sim had left. I understand that the First Second Life Church of Elvis relocated to Iron Fist.

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