Nanao Mahfouz is an Ex-AN member who was once third in command of the military group Alliance Navy, ranked A-2, Rear Admiral (Upper Half). He initially left due to internal politics of the AN High Command who, in Nanao's eyes, are/were more interested in gossip and personal glory than what was best for the group. When his SL ex-wife and former RL girlfriend Alenzia Epsilon left for personal reasons, he left as well for unrelated reasons.. Upon his turning in a re-application form to the AN, his form was rejected on the basis that he is "dangerous" to the AN, despite the fact that Nanao has scripted and built much of what the AN uses and is the main donator for the land funds for Dorien. He and currently shows no interest in any military groups, and Nanao himself has stated that if he does become involved in some SL military group besides the AN, which he still describes as his life, he will leave SL. Alenzia already has, for the most part.

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