Natalie Oe joined secondlife in october 2005. Owner of True Blue Designs, Builds furniture and household wares as well as an animator and texture artist.

Recently joined Texture 'R' Us

Website contributions

True Blue Designs [1]

Recommended Secondlife Items [2]

Graphics Community [3]

Tutorials Written: click this link [4] to view tutorials

Running A Successful Secondlife Business

How To Setup Shop Part 1

Fabric Folds Using Dogdge & Burn - Photoshop

Fabric Folds - Paint Shop Pro

Alpha Tutorial - Paint Shop Pro

New Residents Guide To Buying Land

Other Contributions: click this link [5] to download free actions & alphas

Free Photoshop Action - Polaroid

Free Photoshop Action - Advert

Free Finger Nail Alpha

In The Press

The Avastar - Issue 4 [6]

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