NekroLogiK is primarily headed by founder II3ossHogg Blackheart (in-world name SL), and is home of the famous 'DeathCore' & 'Anti-" Combat Systems (as well as other inventions and 'virtual goods'). With a primary office in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, NekroLogiK offers some services and products to the public via Real Life (RL) companys (Sparkyz, All-American Outdoors, Revelation Reels, WFDUSA & others), while making a RL impact to many people who are unaware/unknowing of the existance of Second Life, or virtual words in a whole. Online success of the primary venture that started in 2007, spread many directions, as did the products and services offered to the public. With a walk-in retail store in a mall, NekroLogiK differs from most SL 'companies' in the fact that many SL 'company'(s) exist in someone's mind only, or a company only in a game. This is not to say that the company is any less valid if they are the only people who know of it's existance, but NekroLogiK stands to be one of the few RL, SL based companies that has a structure/location that can be seen/visited by the RL public on a daily basis. Many who are unfamiliar with what a 'virtual world' or 'virtual good' is, are now not only aware of the existance of such, but have become actual clients of NekroLogiK, as well as members of SL.

<D I S C L A I M E R>

NOTE: 'NekroLogiK' is a not the registered legal name (DBA) or the exact physical structures name, yet is a special branch/entity of company(s). This is public information in wiki, yet this listing in no way a legal announcement, binding, terms, etc... nor guaranteed to be exact in its nature in every aspect or mentioned terms, dates, or quotes. The information is subject to change at any given time without notice.

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<H I S T O R Y>

UNEDITED - Multi-Errors 9-11-2011 (updated soon)

Scripting codes since the release of the Commodore C64 computer system on a BASIC platform was what the primary owner (II3osshogg), had done since he was a child, and being introduced to LSL was quite different, but became very familiar fairly fast with a little trial and error as well as A LOT of determination. Entering SL with the intention to build, invent, or create anything was not planned and was essentially a way to 'unwind' a bit after a tragic event occured in RL. Being very intrigued with the ability to do essentially 'anything' in SL was then followed with wanting to know 'how' things worked the way they did in SL. Discovering that the residents themselves had created ALL things in the virtual world opened ideas in the mind of II3osshogg & from there....American Mafia Inc. was created. With a depressed economy and internet theft soaring, II3osshogg then stopped all companies he had founded from functioning Ecommerce sales, leaving only walk-in stores in small backwoods towns with products that most 'locals' had little interest in. With over 3 Million USD in sales in the first 3 years of business & 95% of them being Ecommerce, it meant that there was going to be a big change in lifestyle for the owner, as well as his families. Though there was no doubt that the creation of a small virtual goods store on an online game would make enough to support life, he was still determined to finish his creations built in SL, and his new (first/only) wife Blueberry Melody (in-world name SL), stood by him as he sold his collection of rare vehicles, packed up everything & moved to her hometown in Southern Oklahoma and started a new small retail operation in a local mall. Times were very hard & he had to leave SL for about 6 months to focus on re-grouping the companies that once 'boomed' with sales, in another direction to get things set up for what he hoped and prayed would be a successful walk-in store for his high-end specialty sporting good products and special exclusive imports. These set his companies apart from the competition that swallowed many small companies like his when the recession was at it's peak. Online sales were the key to success & not many can say they have sold to celebrities or to the Queens Castle in England from this area, but his store sold items that not many other stores sold & his creation of the "Revelation - Fly by Design" exquisite fishing reels, helped keep the faith alive in hard times and kept him pushing toward his goals in invention & retail success. After what seemed as possibly the hardest times in life, times only got tougher. After almost 7 months of no SL creation or log-in, he logged back in to check on how things were going to find out that the primary person he trusted in SL had betrayed him as well. With a booming business, II3osshogg was able to hire many people in SL & pay many other residents generous wages to help him with his ideas that most claimed 'impossible man!", towards TRYING to become possible. But now that business was NOT booming, and things were only looking worse as the new retail location was not producing the sales as projected or hoped for, his SL 'partners' & 'friends' & 'employees' said they were not interested in helping without payment, and that they are 'sorry bout his luck', and claimed that his ideas were 'too much' for SL anyways, and also stated that he was 'wasting time & money on something that is impossible to happen'. Of course, as humans, this hurts to hear this, and it appeared that his 'venture' in SL should probably be written off as a 'loss' at that point, and the reality of his hope and dreams was obviously something that was only a dream as everyone else seem to tell him that his ideas were insane and that 'you just can't make that happen in matter how much you spent, or how hard you try'. Pain does a few things to humans....for one it hurts, hurt can drive many to do things that others lack the ability/drive to do. Pain was about the only thing ii3osshogg was feeling as he tried so hard to figure out how his helpers made these scripts & how they made this do that, etc....It was not easy, but he was 'forced' to learn the Linden Scripting Language if he was to ever finish his project that he had help...aside from a few people (in SL) who would still answer some of his millions of questions without requiring some type of payment.

As time passed and the new store become more known to the public in the new location, his business in RL picked up some & though there were days he knows he didn't eat because he just couldn't afford to buy food, he was determined to make AMI (American Mafia Inc.) the best true combat company in SL history, no matter what had happened or how 'impossible' others claimed his ideas to be. However, knowing how to be an: Animator, Advanced Scriptor, Texture Mapper, Sculptor, etc... was not exactly his level of knowledge/experience but the determination did not deminish. To be the best at these skills, required finding the people who you can clearly see who are very good at it, and try to ask questions (until they tell you to get lost), as well as utilize resources online to try to learn how to be the best at each of these skills. So this is what he did. He studied the scripts he had paid for to learn how to script, he studies the items he bought to learn how to align prims and map the textures to a photo-real finish, he contacted the best animator online & asked for help, and he was lucky in the fact that one of the people who did not abandond him was his sculptor, so he still does not know how to sculpt very well....but does not mean that he has not sculpted some items sold by him companies.

When things looked good for AMI to release their products, ii3osshogg was learning to script at such a rate that his work on scripts just a week earlier looked like childs play compared to the ones he was writing at the time....this forced a big loop of learning and implimenting this new knowledge into his works. Being that his creations were not that of a simple nature, or that of what would take a day or maybe a week to make, (like most SL creations), this loop was/is near infinite, and when the release of his AMI products was at hand (items made, HUDS relayed properly, scripts done, ads made, etc...) , he packed 80+ different guns & multiple blades into seperate boxes & released what was called the "AMI DeathCore". This was to shock SL as so many people said that this couldn't be done, and so many people said he would never be able to make an 8 weapon melee switcher with dual wield guns with 75 types of bullets & shields, remotes, etc... all in 1 single unit. However, SL did not seem to care....or believe that it was even true of what he had made. As apez was the affiliate vendor selection, they SURE didnt care about all the hard work he had accomplished (or anyone else's for that matter), and the results of all this hard work and time spent, the rusult was actually REMOVAL OF ALL CREATIONS.... Though the first customer said "I bought your DeathCore combat system & this thing is EPIC!! But you are probably not going to sell to many of them as most people wont believe that it is real, or pay the high price to take a chance on a SL item like this...". II3osshogg thought that this is OK, and will keep the 'underground' approach to things as that was the plan anyways...Then second customer said "Hey I just want to tell you that this creation is amazing. It blows my mind how you did all this, but you are going to have an issue with the scripts in there cause people are starting to not allow a lot of scripts on their land, and some zones will just ban you for even coming in with this number of scripts on you.". Unfortunately, the 3rd customer didnt say anything & was most likely an 'Alt' of someone we know in SL, and the fouth and fifth customers were alts of the first two. As for the sixth customer.....well...they never happened.....((If you have read this far, then you probably thinking that this listing for 'NekroLogiK Desing' is not much to with NekroLogiK, but it actually is everything to do with it.....))

With all of that work done, & the potential we felt possible from the first two customers (and our testers comments), we felt good about AMI in many ways, but were concearned about the later parts of the customers comments, as well as the testers who urged us to 'make it not so complex' & 'make it divided up somewhat into a two part or four seperate systems'...well, with these concearns, it was a little late to redo what had been re-done 100+ times over, but then Apez made it easy to scrap it that is what we did...Goodbye AMI...Lets start something fresh...something that will really shock SL & lets make it better based on the feedback as well as the feedback of the others who tested AMI bit the dust when Apez did, and NekroLogiK was then formed.

<N E K R O L O G I K>

Necro - (for the most part), means dead, a greek pre-fix for death, a prefix of something that is not valid, not alive, those that are dead, no feeling/senses of life inside of it, not even there, gone, lacking what make it considered human/living among us. Logic - (for the most part), means thinking/thoughts/reason, persuasiveness, sound judgements, mind work of reliable investigative science, system applied by studies.

More added when time allows - Any spelling error can be considered intentional - (will correct later) Thank you.

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