Neo Fussbudget is currently an active member of The Black Talon and shows no apparent ability for building, scripting, or texturing in Second Life.

Early Life

Born in late January of 2007, Neo accidentally ran into the Hippoden War Factory, The Black Talon's base at the time, in Hippoden. This began Neo's military carreer in Second Life.

The Black Talon

In early-mid February of 2007, Neo became a "[Talon Operative]". He fought in many battles, especially against New Rome

When The Black Talon "crashed" in early 2007, Neo found himself lost in Second Life. Then, not wanting to let go of his early military carreer, he created the group [BT: Reborn], which he deleted shortly afterwards, when he realized it was a bad idea.

Still, Neo did not want to give it all up. He started to join other militaries in Second Life, that were against New Rome. Including: BM, and Allied Nations. He did not feel that he fit in, while he was in these groups, so he created another military called: NGE (New Germanic Empire).

Time in NGE

The group, New Germanic Empire launched one successful assault on the Roman base Nox.

The group's limited strength was short-lived, when a friend of Neo's betrayed him and dontaed NGE's small parcel to a group owned by Savion Willsmere.

Although the group hasn't been deleted to this day, it is considered dead.

Talon's Return

When Blue Backbite, an owner of The Black Talon returned from his ban, Neo vowed to not let the group crash again. Neo became even more of an active group member in the group, virtually never leaving the base.

In late November of 2007, Neo quit Second Life due to reasons in his real life, which cost him his rank of Captain. Which then led to ejection from The Black Talon.

He returned to Second Life in mid February of 2008, and to this day is an active member of the Black Talon.

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