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  • IMPORTANT update information regarding this wiki has been posted here! Please read!
  • Linden Lab announces that Second Life Instructor payments are to come to an end on December 9, 2006, with details and reasoning on the Linden Lab Blog
  • CopyBot, a program written by Libsecondlife, exploded onto the metaverse on November 14th, 2006 in a huge wash of controversy and backlash. Several shops shut down in both fear and protest, as well as a resulting reorganization of libsecondlife.
  • Changes to the Refer a Friend Program has been put in place, and for the better! Get those friends to upgrade to premium, and you'll get a bonus too.
  • In a rough week for Linden Lab, there were several Grid Attacks during the first week of October, resulting in a renewed effort to put new restrictions upon rezzing objects in upcoming patches, quotes the Linden Lab Blog.
  • The Second Life Railroad is expanding! Residents can bid on construction rights to one of Several construction plots, with a 15000 L$ completion bonus.
  • Linden Lab deals with all sorts of exploits and patches, causing concern to some merchants.
  • A Concierge Town Hall will be held on October 16th, 2006 to discuss issues dealing with estate and island owners. The meeting is by invite only, so send your invite requests to!

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2006 News Archives

8/14 - 8/21

  • In an attempt to save himself some sleep Brent Linden has posted some more explination on what exactly is and is not an exploit. Out of 55 bugs recieved that were marked as an "Exploit" only 6 actualy were found to be real exploits. The post gives some examples of reported bugs as to which are and aren't actual exploits along with some explination as to why.
  • In this post Joe Linden gives some more information on the process that Linden Lab goes through for each new client release. Also mentioned is the steps being taken to enable Second Life to accomidate the ever growing population and avoid further untimely downtimes where possible. Another announcement is that LL plans to have schedualed downtimes occur atleast every other Wednesday instead of every Wednesday for the next several months and will provide a 30-day rolling advanced notice before each outage where possible (note that LL can not forsee any random occurences that may cause them to have to take down the grid, so sometimes things like that may still happen). Upcoming downtimes are Wednesday August 23rd from 7am to 12pm PDT/SLT for the Version 1.12 update, September 6th, September 20th, October 4th, and October 18th.
  • Torley Linden posted a list of some small and some not-so-small changes that will be coming out in future releases. Everything from rewording of some UI features to improvements of sim crossings!
  • Recently the statistics listed on the front page of have gone through a bit of trouble. LL plans to not only fix the technical glitches that have occured with the statistics but also change the way the numbers are represented. Two numbers for "Total Number Of Signups Ever" and "Total number of logged in users over the past 60 days" will be displayed instead of the current "Residents".
  • The forums are closing within a month or so. Starting with popular sections such as "General Topics" and "The Sandbox" then continueing on to closing Linden sections. The reason behind the forums being closed is that Linden Lab wishes to focus its attention on other resident communication channels such as the knowledge base and the Linden blog.

8/7 - 8/14

  • Group invites and promotions have been disabled due to an exploit that was found. So if you recieve the message "Group enrollment has been temporarily suspended while we make improvements to the system.", this is why. The exploit should be fixed with 1.11.3 and invites/promotions will be enabled after the update.
  • Second Life will be down on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 from 7 AM PDT/SLT to 12 PM PDT/SLT. A new version will be required. This will be Version 1.11.3.
  • The details for the next Second Life Views meeting have been released. The event will be held at Fort Mason during SLCC on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. A larger of usual group of 20 will be selected, one of the topics will be XML-UI the other topics have yet to be decided. If you'll be attending SLCC and would like to join in on the Views discussions see the forum post for contact information by August 8th.

7/31 - 8/7

  • A new way to report exploits has been added to the Bug Report window, simply select "Exploit" from the Category drop down box. If a reported exploit turns out to be real you could recieve L$10,000, if you are the first resident to report the exploit and if you haven't reported it before. The bounty offer is only available from August 2nd, 2006 to September 30th, 2006.
  • If you're going to ACM SIGGRAPH in Boston you could stop by the Linden booth or attend a talk given by one! Ben Linden and other Lindens will be at booth #301, and Ben encourages you to stop by and grab some swag (oh and also say hello).
  • What was many, is now one. All the old Linden blogs have been combined into one huge meta-Linden blog. This should make sure there's always something new, while giving different perspectives on the inner-workings of SL, and also provide one easy-to-find source for all that Lindeny information. If you only want to see posts from your favorite Linden you can easily click their name listed on the right to act as a filter. The new blog setup can be found here.
  • There will be a brief downtime on Tuesday, August 1st, from 8 to 8:30 AM SLT/PDT and another downtime for a sever software upgrade on Wednesday, August 2nd, from 7 AM to 12 PM SLT/PDT.
  • Linden Lab presents Second Life Developer University, a three hour workshop that will focus on teaching residents how to create a business using Second Life. The workshop will take place on August 18th which will coincide with SLCC, this was done in the hopes that attendees from SLCC would be interested in the workshop. See the forum post for more details or register to attend on the SLDEVU website.

7/24 - 7/31

  • An exploit that allowed anyone to delete an object even if it didn't belong to them was found on 7/22/06 (Saturday). Linden Lab has since patched the exploit and everything should be fine now. Robin Linden also apologized on behalf of LL for the downtime experienced to release the patches and updates. She also mentioned that they are looking into new and better ways to release things in the future.
  • The annual Relay For Life takes off this weekend with several events to help raise money to fight cancer. The main event will be from July 22nd to July 23rd, and along with other events, will take place in the 12 sims: Nani, Tianci, Krigo, Saon, Jeraku, Raudf, MuMon, Rocco, Chats, Modhuine, Friga, and Odi. The relay itself starts in Chats if you want to run through the 17 distinct cultural themed areas that make up the 12 sims. There are many different ways in which you can donate L$ (any little bit helps!) besides the relay, for more information see the forum announcement.
  • A serious bug for Estate owners has been fixed internaly and should be released soon. The bug returns all objects in Top Colliders and Top Scripts when you use "Return Selected". It is recommended that you avoid encountering the bug as it can cause some unfun issues.

7/17 - 7/24

  • Some economic changes have been announced. The changes will be talked about in two Town Halls with Lawrence Linden and include topics such as reduced stipends for premium accounts created after July 21st, L$ sales by Linden Lab, and the implementation of LindeX "Circuit Breakers". One Town Hall takes place on July 17th at 6:30 PM PDT (Town Hall 7/17/06) and the other takes place on July 18th at 9 AM PDT, both at the Pooley Stage. Philip Linden has also covered these topics on his blog.
  • Version 1.11 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 19th, 2006, Second Life will be unavailable from 7 am to 12 pm PDT/SLT and a client update will be required. The preview is still open for those who want to check out the upcoming features and test bugs.
  • Lego Mindstorms "Big Robot on Campus" event invites residents to create their own robot for the SL and RL event. To participate, join the open "Big Robots on Campus" group and you'll receive a modifiable, non-transferable Alpha Rex model along with a set of Mindstorms pieces and you'll also be registered for admittance to the event. 50 attendees will be randomly selected to win a free real life Mindstorms t-shirt and resident created robots will be shown off at the event (RL and SL). See the forum post for more information.
  • Second Life Views 2 is being planned and Linden Lab is looking for participants, ideas, and suggestions which you can post here. The second meeting will be taking place during the SLCC, so there will be some differences between Views 2 and other Views groups. Most notably 20 or so people will be invited to attend two discussions and will be expected to pay for their own trip costs (or some sort of "scholarship" may be offered to some). There may also be an application process.
  • The first set of notes from Second Life Views 1 were posted on the forums by Robin Linden. And subsequent notes have been posted on her blog. These notes cover what was discussed at the Views meeting that was held on 6/29/06 and allow you to give your own feedback as well.
  • Group forum policy changes will be made on July 24th, 2006. These changes will make it so that groups need 30 members (instead of the current 20) in order to get their own group forum. Any present and future group forums that haven't had any activity in 2 months will be deleted without notice; in order to avoid this you must keep your group forum active. Also the Archived Group Forums will be deleted to help forum loading speed for users and administration [if anyone would like to save a copy of the archives and provide it to this wiki it'd be much appreciated].

6/28 - 7/17

  • The "mainland" will soon be a lot less edgier, that is, Linden Lab will be putting up new sims around the edges of the "main continent" next to all the sims that currently have a hard-edge border into oblivion (starting sometime next week). Some of the new sims will be sold, while others will be "openspaces"/"voids". This will help the continent look a lot better, but may also upset some who have enjoyed "living on the edge". See the forum announcement for more information.
  • Version 1.10.6 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006. The grid will be unavailable from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT/SLT for the update. The client update will not be optional. 1.10.6 is currently in preview so if you want to check out the upcoming features first hand, check it out and be sure to report any bugs you find. Update: For some reason 1.11 was post-poned and the next release will be 1.10.6, see this forum post.
  • A Community Roundtable event took place on 7/06/06. The topics covered were Second Life Views, Open Registration, and New Group Tools. A transcript has not been posted from this yet.
  • In a slight change of operation there are two previews that are up and running. These were Version 1.11 and Version 1.12. 1.11 was for some reason post-poned and instead version 1.10.6 may be released later this week (see above) is the next coming update which has several features and bug fixes for testing. 1.12 is a bit further off and only has the new group changes available for testing (but they're worth checking out). The group changes are various and well needed, so there's a lot of new stuff to be tested.

6/21 - 6/28

  • New categories for parcels listed in Find -> Places were made available in Version 1.10.5. This forum announcement lists the new categories which can be set from the About Land. These new categories allow greater choice as to what kind of place you want your land to be under.
  • The first changes made to address some concern about "Open Registration" were made. The changes show if the person has given payment information, has paid with payment information, or has given no payment information in their profile. Script access is also available.
  • The "ban limit" for parcels has been raised from 15m to 200m with the release of Version 1.10.4. This prevents people who are banned from a parcel from hovering above the ban height and still causing grief on those below. However this also prevents people who are just casually flying over another parcel from doing so as well.

6/19 - 6/21

  • There are some issues with the World Map generation that are being worked on. The issues started sometime on June 8th 2006.

6/12 - 6/19

  • Version 1.10.3 is schedualed to be released on Wednesday, June 14th, 2006. Second Life will be down from 7 am to 12 pm PDT/SLT, server and client updates will be deployed, and a database restart will also be needed (meaning may be down for a period of time). See the forum post for more information.
  • On June 6th, 2006 a new registration process was launched. New Basic Accounts are not required to provide billing information (meaning credit card or cellphone id) and they will also no longer receive the signup bonus of L$250.

6/6 - 6/12

  • On Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 version 1.10.2 will be released. The client download will be optional (but recommended) and there will be no downtime.
  • Torley Linden announced that planning for Second Life's 3rd Birthday is going on. The vehicle sims will again be used for this years festivities with resident run parties and events happening across the grid. An art show (run by Amalthea Blanc) dedicated to bringing paintings and sculptures to life in SL is already scheduled for the event. And Tateru Nino is looking for communities that want to do a day or half day of displays, events, and Q&As. The festivities will last from June 21 - 25 of 2006, with the big day being on June 23rd. For more information you can also check out the Third Birthday Event page!
  • Groups, parcels, events, and classifieds can now be searched from the web! Finally the "Publish on the web" checkboxes have a use (be sure to check it for stuff you want listed). The search is currently indexed on a basis of 4 hours and the results are sorted by relevance (except for classifieds which goes by listing fee). SLurl is also being used to easily get to found listings from the search page.

5/29 - 6/6

  • Stipends have been dropped for new basic accounts. Basic accounts created before May 29th should not be affected and will continue to receive 50L$ for every week they log in. Premium accounts new and old will not be affected. This is part of Linden Lab's plan to help deflate the rising economy by removing some of the L$ being put into the "economy pool". Robin Linden made the announcement.

5/22 - 5/29

  • Version 1.10 has been reannounced for release on Wednesday, May 24, 2006. Second Life will be unavailable from 7am to 12pm PDT/SLT and an update of the client will be required. Linden Lab again strongly recommends residents update their video card drivers for the upcoming features of hardware lighting and occlusion culling.
  • LindeX now supports Limit Buys and Market Sells. These new features will not be visible to you unless you choose the "Advanced" option on the LindeX page. Limit Sells allow you to specify both a quantity of Linden dollars to offer, and an exchange rate. Limit Buys will work almost exactly like Limit Sells. See the first post for more details, if you have issues or inconsistencies see this post for contacting details.
  • There is an issue with event posts from the website. If double quotation marks are used in the title or description the event posting will fail. Linden Lab asks that you avoid using double quotation marks for the time being while they work on fixing the issue.

5/15 - 5/22

  • Upcoming improvements to volunteer programs such as the Mentors group have been announced. These improvements include additional Linden support, clarified direction, improved orientation and more. Also announced is a proposed "Mentor Principles" document that would be given to all current and incoming Mentors to help orient them with what exactly being a Mentor means.
  • Preview grid pile-on schedualed for Wednesday, May 17th at 2:30 pm (PDT/SLT). Testing will be done on region crossing, teleports, IMs, inventory transfers, and login/logouts. All residents who are able to use the current preview version are invited.
  • New "openspaces"/void will be made available to estate owners at request. See the forum post for more information.
  • A Town Hall with Philip Linden has been announced. It will take place on May 18th at 3PM PDT/SLT and be held via Skype, the physical location will be the Pooley Stage. It will also be recorded and an audio download will be available on the media page as well as on iTunes. A textual transcript will be made available when possible and the audio will be typed in real time for repeaters around the world. Textual questions can be asked by joining a special group (see forum post). A host has not been announced, but it is suspected Johnny Ming will return as host.
  • Robin Linden announced on her blog something called "Second Life Views" that Linden Lab plans to do. Quote: "The Second Life Views program will be a series of meetings at Linden Lab. There'll be eight Residents included in each meeting, chosen based on their participation in Second Life's community [how this will be measured has not been stated], as well as at least one in each group chosen at random. The Residents will be brought to San Francisco for a day to meet with Linden Lab staff to discuss feature design and policy. Each group of eight Residents will then become part of a larger advisory group. The first Views meeting will be held on June 30." end quote. This is said to be part of LL's plan to further involve residents with how SL is shaped and developed. Torley Linden posted a link to Robin's blog entry on the forums here.
  • A survey for those who participate in the Live Music "scene" has been posted. This survey will help LL better support the new trend.
  • Philip Linden has posted a clarification on the previous announcement of the changes to SL's TOS that allows Linden Lab to sell L$. Basicly reiterating that LL does not have any current plans to sell L$ and he also posted a link to the economy stats that show all sinks and sources.
  • A new gift promotion is going on for spring. During this promotion giving someone a premium account as a gift will also give them some extra special gift in SL (what the gift is has not really been disclosed).
  • In 1.9.1 news Doug Linden posted good news and bad news when database issues occured, he also explained why some of the new rendering features were removed. Also based on feedback 1.9.1 will be reversioned to 1.10 in the next preview release. This change also answers the question of "Will we go to 2.0 or 1.10 after 1.9".

5/8 - 5/15

  • Linden Lab has partnered with Friends of the Urban Forest for a project. A tree that acts like a realistic tree is available for purchase, upon purchase funds will be donated to the FuF for planting of real trees in San Francisco. The trees need light and water and will grow just like a real one! They can be purchased in Siona. There will also be a party in Siona on Saturday May 13th, at 6pm SLT. Check out the forum post for more information on the collaboration between LL and the FuF as well as details on the events around it.
  • Version 1.9.1's release has been postponed. The exact reason was not given, but it can be assumed that new bugs were found that LL was not comfortable releasing 1.9.1 with. There will however still be downtime for SL on Wednesday May 10th, 2006 between 6 am and 12 pm, this downtime will be used to update hardware and software, a client download will not be required. The original release announcement for 1.9.1 can be found here.
  • The lottery for Busy Ben's and Luna Oaks have started again. So if you want a spot at either of those places be sure to check that forum post out and get your name in.
  • Changes to Land Auctions have been announced. These changes don't effect many residents since Land Auctions are now mostly "high scale". The changes allow for more automation and more streamlining of the process.
  • The Terms Of Service are going to undergo some changes. They will seperate the billing terms and make them easier to read. They will also be doing the controversial move of making it so LL can sell L$ (Linden Dollar) if needed. Linden Lab claims they will only sell L$ if it is smart for the time and they believe the economy can handle the inflation that it would bring. While they have not said this, a situation that would cause them to sell L$ is if they eliminated stipends and all other "free money" as well as raising upload costs or other sinks. So this could be a move in the direction of eliminating stipends, which would cause a major backlash from many residents who are dependent on such. For the time being however Linden Lab's official position is that they are adding the clause for potential future use but they do not have a plan of action to make use of it yet.
  • If you are or were experiencing connection issues with SL this post may hold the answer. It seems an internet backbone router belonging to a service provider that LL uses is/was having trouble. There is nothing LL can do about this. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon (or has already been resolved). If you don't think this was an issue you were having yet still can not connect to SL contact support as usual.
  • The transcript for the community roundtable meeting that took place on May 4th 2006 has been released. This meeting was a discussion between residents and employees of Linden Lab that work in the community department.

4/18 - 5/8

  • Second Life content is now available on iTunes. Videos and the audio Town Hall are currently available. You can find them in the Podcast section of the Store.
  • Philip Linden (Philip Rosedale) will be giving a keynote address at a real life virtual talk event. This address will also be streamed live into Second Life at 9 am SLT/PST on Thursday, May 4th. Locations will be setup at Innovation Island or Sheep Island. More details can be found here.
  • The official SL forums have been reorganized. Some categories have been renamed, moved, and more descriptive descriptions added, among other things.
  • A new official newsletter for Second Life (the Second Opinion) has been released. This edition covers Radio Linden, how some Teen SL residents are earning money, resident profiles, explanation from the Police Blotter on indecency, a pointer to a third party service called that LL is posting events on, LL discussing cutting all free money payments causing users to support themselves without stipends, and of course resident letters.
  • Using the website Linden Lab hopes to create an easily accessible list of How-To's for Second Life. If you have a project of your own you would like to add, or if you're looking for help, check out the group page. The announcement and more details that were posted by Wilder Linden can be found on the forums.
  • beez Linden explained the reason behind the partial region restarts. These restarts are part of an effort to upgrade all servers from "class 2" machines to "class 4". These hardware updates may help sims perform somewhat faster.
  • The last ever Developer Incentive Awards were announced on 04/18/06. The total payout was USD $3,404.25 which was split between 164 residents based on the traffic that they recieved. Dropping the Incentive Awards is due to its ineffectiveness of actualy accomplishing what it was meant to do, which was to give creative developers some real incentive for their efforts.
  • Effective May 15th (2006), Dwell/Traffic will be reduced to 50%, then on June 13th they will be removed fully. This is part of a plan to try and help raise the value of the L$ (Linden Dollar) which has been steadily dropping since mid-February on LindeX. Philip Linden made the original announcement and Robin Linden followed up with more details. The traffic stats will be kept in SL to be used for sorting Popular Places and Places in the Find window. Stats on the economy will be posted for those who wish to keep up with the trend to see if removing traffic will be effective.
  • Preview for Version 1.9.1 is open for testing. Karen Linden made the announcement here. As always you can download the preview client from this page. Also remember to report any bugs you find from the Help menu (Help - Report Bug).
  • The 3rd Annual SL Game Developers Competition has begun. The competition entrants were selected by nominations in the forums in early 2006, and were each given 1/4 of a sim in Arcadia 1 and Arcadia 2 on which to create a game. Winners will be chosen based on which game earns the most Linden Dollars (L$) between March 20th and May 12th. Details were posted in February about the competition in this thread. For a list of chosen participants from the nominations see again this thread.

4/10 - 4/18

  • A meeting will be held discussing the topic of residents being able to change their names or create new names. Torley Linden announced the meeting as well as a short summary of the topic. This topic has been talked about for some time now, last year Robin Linden posted this thread in Feature Feedback, more details can be found there and you can still give your input on the feature as well. The meeting will be held at the Pooley Stage (in Pooley) on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 2:30 PM (PDT).
  • Ben Linden and Torley Linden have both posted videos that show off Flexible Prims and new Hardware Lighting. With a supposed release version for these features being 1.9.1. However Ben's post date is April 1st, so take that as you will. Ben's video can be found here on his blog, Torley's video can be found here on her blog, and Brent Linden posted on the forums here some more information.
  • To showcase the new camera script features of Version 1.9, Ben Linden created a video as well as an example script. Both can be found on his blog.

3/20 - 4/10

  • Radio Linden and resident made InfoHubs are both up and running. Torley Linden posted an announcement on where you can listen to Radio Linden (including a url) and where you can find signboards that show what's playing. Also locations of resident made InfoHubs have been posted, 14 in all, they are also open for residents to use for events. The InfoHubs and other Linden owned land can also now be found in Find > Places as "Linden Location".
  • The first Audio Town Hall will be held today (April 6th, 2006) at 4PM PDT. The Town Hall will be held at the Pooley Stage, questions will be asked via Skype and hosted by Johnny Ming. Using Skype residents can call "lindenlive" and ask questions. The Town Hall will also be recorded, being available to download from SL's media page, there will also be a transcript later for those who wish to read rather than listen. If you would like to listen live to the event, or stream it on your land, instructions on how to do so can be found in this forum post, other details like how to make sure your mic is in decent condition to call in are also on there. Robin Linden will also be at the event doing her best to type out what is being said.
  • The folks over at have released a two part interview with Philip Linden. Philip addresses several questions asked by the hosts of the show. Questions and discussion on things such as how Linden Lab may handle SL's growth, the consequences of LL's development transparency, more insight on Havok 2, and how Philip gets his hair to defy gravity. The first portion of the interview is Episode 10 and the second portion is Episode 11. Also it has been announced that will be doing some future Town Halls in audio format, this may alleviate some of the anxiety and chaos that most recent Town Halls seem to cause. With automatic transcript software that SecondCast uses it seems that textual logs of the Town Halls will also be available still.
  • Chris Linden announced three new website features for Classifieds are now available on the website here, PayPal is available again as a registration payment option, and you can also now search easily with google via a text box near the top. Chris also apologized for inadvertantly causing a slowdown with some SL related things when he ran some queries on the central database around 5pm PDT (this did not cause any long-lasting negative effects).

3/13 - 3/20

  • A new in-world Land Store has been announced by LL. The store will allow residents to purchase islands and reserve spots on the map for islands more easily.
  • Version 1.9 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday March 15th. The grid will be down from 6am to 12pm PST/SLT for the update. Adult residents "born" before February 1st can help test the preview untill the final version is released.
  • On March 16th (Thursday) at 2:30 PM PST there will be a town hall with Philip Linden. The town hall will take place at a stage at the 4-sim corners of Pooley, Brampton, Borrowdale and Seascale. For those who will be unable to attend you can post questions on this thread.
  • Untill March 16th LL will be giving away prizes (such as a hat and some mysterious special prize, to be delieverd on the 17th) to residents who give others Premium Accounts as gifts. To give someone the gift of a SL account check out this page.

3/6 - 3/13

  • A new SLurl page has been announced. The website allows residents to link others to a map page which will display a custom message, image, and a teleport link to the location.
  • Mardi Gras events have been announced, including one being promoted by LL. Events will be going on all this weekend, but a large event will be held on the 28th for the closing of two Mardi Gras themed sims. A party, parade, music and other fun activities will be held in Biloxi and Big Easy.

2/20 - 3/6

  • The 1.8.4 update originaly intended for February 22nd has been delayed until Wednesday, March 1. The grid will be down from 7am to 12pm PST/SLT. More information is provided here. Also the 1.9 Preview is up and running for testing and bug reports, keep in mind the grid is for testing purposes only. If you want to help and run some pre-made tests, they can be found in the Preview grid at the Lusk/Rizal border, or on the Quality Assurance wiki page.
  • A new InfoHub test build (created by Chip Poutine) is up in Mauve. LL is looking for your feedback on the build, so check it out if you get a chance.
  • A new confirmation step has been added for Buy Land and Buy Currency. This is to help prevent more accidental purchases. Linden Lab has also changed their biller, this means you may see some oddities on your bill, but should not be charged extra or anything.
  • Pathfinder Linden announced the Campus: Second Life project. With this project educators can recieve some land for temporary usage during classes or even recieve a discount on an Island for a more permanent place of study. Pathfinder also lists some of the classes which will use SL this year. There is also a new sim specificly dedicated to education in SL, called Campus this sim is where many of the classes listed have their land, and also a sandbox is available in the sim for their usage. An FAQ about the Campus: Second Life project can be found here and the education page (which provides information for educators and how SL can be used for education) can be found here.
  • The developers at LL are looking for help regarding a new upcoming feature of SL. It's been known for awhile now that a future feature of SL will be a Mozilla engine browser on prim faces, now they're ever closer to this becoming a reality, but there are still some bugs they've yet to work out. So deciding to (and kinda obligated by the license in which Mozilla is under) embrace the open source mentality they've released a stand-alone program called uBrowser, which uses the same code that the feature for SL will use. Cory Linden has even offered some "bounties" for fixing the bugs, inclueding an island free for a year and the opportunity to choose a SL last name. You can download the uBrowser program (available for all Operating Systems) and the source code here.
  • LL is now accepting nominees for the Arcadia Expo. This expo will feature different games made by residents competeing in an Arcade fashion (with each game charging a small ammount to play). The winners will recieve different prises and such, check out the post for more info.
  • Untill March 1st, LL is looking for some suggestions on "hacks" (clever or "quick-and-dirty" ways of doing things) for SL, as part of an O'Reilly Media project. If you want to add one, write up a title, short description, and what you think would be an excellent first paragraph for your hack. Then put your suggestion in a notecard and drop it into the suggestion box at Tenera 133,177.

2/14 - 2/20

  • The ResMod program continues on with a new batch of residents joining in as "trainees". Current ResMods will remain in the group for atleast another 2 weeks, taking on training duties for the new additions they were paired up with. After 2 weeks it seems some of the current ResMods will be cycled out for a while and the new residents will fill their places.
  • The first annual Second Life Valentine's Day Mass Wedding event will be taking place this year. The event looks to have 30 couples (and 2 guests of their choosing for witnesses) gathering together in the Opera house on the Varnish/Supernova border for their magical day. This will probably end up being the largest mass wedding event (if not the only one) in SL history (atleast untill next year)!
  • LL's residential area projects of Blumfield and West Haven are wrapping up. LL will be taking the steps to allow owners to sell their land very soon. The land will no longer be in Linden control, other than the roads and other property in the sim that will remain owned by LL. See the forum post for more information.
  • Radio Linden is a new project being tried out by Linden Lab. In similar style to Help Radio, Radio Linden will feature resident music and helpful hints and tips. LL is looking for songs and content created by residents to play on the new station. Radio Linden will be played in the Welcome Area and on InfoHub land.

2/06 - 2/14

  • 1.8.3 is planned for release on Wednesday, February 8th, 2006. The grid will be unavailable from 7am to 12pm PST/SLT for the update. See the post for release notes.
  • A new phase in Neighborhood and Community testing has been announced. This next phase named "Shermerville" will see if Basic Account residents are more likely to upgrade to Premium Accounts if they can experience first-hand the feeling of land ownership for a period of time. It appeares also that there will be new features soon that will allow land owners to better do things like setting up communities and neighborhoods of their owns (and be able to better maintain said property). This post also covers results of the first two phases as well.

1/30 - 2/06

  • Next Community Roundtable will be Feb. 2nd, 9 am, in a yet to be named location. The roundtable previously held in Pathfinder Linden's office in Ambleside, is being moved to a 4-sim corner for larger groups. The Community Team has also grown and now includes Robin, Jesse, Jeska, Cyn, Daniel, Blue, Torley, and Pathfinder Linden. See this announcement for more information.
  • Referral incentives for Basic Accounts has been eliminated. You will no longer get any bonus for any Basic Account referrals, however other account referrals may still get you an incentive. The reason for the change is due to "farming", where people may sign up new accounts themselves, rather than the accounts being other people.
  • The Forum "ResMods" (Resident Moderators) were announced. Residents were not informed before the announcement, but rather the announcement informed everyone they were chosen, this was viewed in poor choice to some. Some of those chosen have already turned down the position. Shortly after the announcement a change was made, which now allows ResMods to view reported posts of the forums they are moderating.

1/16 - 1/30

  • LOD (Level Of Detail, based on the cameras distance from an object and how it views the detail of that object (more detail closer, less detail farther)) for attachments on avatars has become a hot topic. Karen Linden in this post informs us of a preview version which contains the upcoming changes, so you can see for yourself. If you don't want to try out the preview, or are just curious about what exactly is going on this thread gives more details on the changes.
  • LL is proposing a new "Group Covenants" and "zoning" idea, but the only mentioning of said ideas are in this post, which requested (and recieved) people for discussion meetings about the features. No details as to what the features actualy are, or what they entail, has been given. Hopefully the meetings, which will take place from the 24th to the 26th, will give us insight.
  • Jill Linden has posted a reminder that sharing accounts (and passwords) is not only a bad idea, but against the TOS. On a related note, although not mentioned in Jill's post, buying and selling accounts without written consent from LL is also against the TOS.
  • Linden Lab is moving on to Phase II of their bulk-land-selling project. This Phase opens more "bulk" sims to be auctioned off in one giant swoop, going up to 40 sims at one time.
  • LL announced a new Forum Resident Monitors project, in which for a temporary time, some residents will act as a form of "moderation". These residents selected through volunteering or LL's own choice, will be able to positively or negatively mark a thread (using the voting system) as well as suggest to LL if a thread should be deleted. These residents can not delete or close threads and will be in a rotating "pool" of residents who are actively in the "group". Other residents not in the "group" can still report threads for moderation as well.

1/09 - 1/16

  • Testing on "Whole sale" mainland sims will begin. In which residents can purchase mainland sims through auction and terraform them themselves, rename them, and set the sim rating. This move is toward Residents (and in large part those called "land barons") to greater control the land and how it appears in SL.
  • A new Resident Construction Bid has been posted, this one for the InfoHubs. The current structures built by Ben Linden are templates for what LL is looking for, space for info kiosks and a LindeX ATM will be needed. Five (5) different designs will be chosen for the various InfoHub locations, keep in mind that sizes of plots vary and builds should be low-lag and prim efficient. The goal of the InfoHubs is for them to be used as congregation and information exchange areas. If you want to submit a build, send an email to Jesse Linden (see forum post for email address) with a proposed design (a model or picture) and a short write-up of the design concept. The winning designs will become permanent and the winners will get full recognition with a plaque on the build containing name, info about the build, and any further contact information they wish. Deadline for submissions is 5pm on Wednesday, January 11th, review and judgement will be on Monday January 16th at 5pm, and winners will have until January 20th to complete the final construction.

1/02 - 1/09

  • The Hippos submited by residents have been put on display at InfoHubs around the grid. Each hippo was uniquely created to the residents liking. If you have any questions about why your hippo is not on display or want to add a story behind it, IM Altruima Linden.
  • In a move that many residents disagree with, LL is offering to buyback telehub land from Residents at L$10 per meter. Parcels are eligible for Linden buy back if they were purchased between August 1 and December 8, 2005 and are located within 128 meters of the telehub (128 meters being within the line of sight of the telehub landing point). Contact if you're interested in selling your land.
  • Once again Busy Ben's and Luna Oaks are opening up for new occupents. This year there are some changes, two lotteries will be held seperately for each location, and you may only enter in one of the lotteries. Winners will be invited to join a group in which the land will be held by, auto-return will be turned on, and plots can not be renamed (etc.). You must enter by January 3 at 10AM PDT, enter by posting to this thread. Direct any questions not answered in the threads to Mick Linden.

2005 News Archives

These archives have been moved to their own seperate page. See 2005 News Archives.

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