A Non-Played Character or far more commonly its acronym NPC. Originally from the roleplaying game term "Non-Player Character," which referred to characters controled by the person who was responsible for running the entire world, a kind of human sim, often called the gamemaster or dungeonmaster. Non-player characters were created as needed, and filled specific roles.

In online games, having an account logged in and engaging in activity which benefits the account owner is referred to as botting, or less often as zombie. In second life this is often the case with campers. However, the use of libsl allows more and more sophisticated behavior for bots, including copybot and landbots.

More recently bots have been made to provide dance partners in sims, or to fill specific roles in roleplaying scenarios. While controversial, as Second Life moves to mono it seems likely that more bots will be built, and that they will be used as an intergral part of building.