Noremac Click - Landbaron, Scripter, Linden Merchant

Owned [NC] Inc, [NC] Land Sales, [NC] Linden Sales, - Sold $L

Sold over 50 Items in the Scripting Store and boasted a revune of over 100,000$L A Year in profit from said Store.

Beggining : Bought out "Tweak Land Sales" for 750$US and became the largest land seller that day.

The Landbaron buisness saw an increase from 2$L/M > 5$L/M for Regular Land under the Baron. As well as from 3$L/M > 10$L/M for City Land (2X Prim)...

While the Market was flourishing he went to buy his own mainland Sim which ended up settling out even.

The Sim,Linden Biz & Land Buisness had taken too much time for [NC] tried to sell all of his assets. Because the other Barons would not take such an offer @ 1.5$L/M He then sold @ 2$L/M for all plots as well as 4$L/M for City. This caused the begging of the end for the land market in TSL, under cutting all the other Barons and killing their buisness, after that he was never seen again on the Grid as Noremac Click rather takeing on New Names and Accounts. He then ventured onto a new life of Frosty Obscure now trying to start up a SLEXCHANGE 'esque site for TSL. Which had the games "Click It" , "Six a Square" and several others which were major source of daily income, with every play making money.

Update: - Closed due to Closing of Teen Second Life.

  • Frosty Obscure (Noremac Click's other account is no longer running because of this)

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