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This page has been created and designed to explore various methods of communication used by the Nythos Strategic Union; scripts and other pieces of utility that are designed whilst in-game should not be placed here.


  1. Ventrilo
  2. LogMeIn Hamachi
  3. The Steam Community


Much like numerous other organizations in a similar position, the Nythos Strategic Union makes great use of "Ventrilo"; primarily utilizing the software as their main base of communications.

The Union's Ventrilo network is on an access-only system and is closely tied to the group's Operator Tier.


Hamachi preceded the Ventrilo network, and was used during the time of Taste_The_Difference; whilst the system has yet to be removed, it is seldom utilized.


The faction makes use of the Steam Community, using it to promote casual gaming amonst Nythos Personnel; unlike Ventrilo, membership to the Steam Group (NSU_#1) is not mandatory.

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